Thursday 14 September 2017

How to Increase Children's Height

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 CHILD development involves a complex interaction of both nature and nurture. While some aspects of development may be strongly influenced by biology, environmental influences may also play a role. For example, the timing of when the onset of puberty occurs is largely the results of heredity, but environmental factors such as nutrition can also have an effect. 

Body height (Vertical Growth) of a person mainly depends on genetic factors, which is basically derived from the genes of one's parents. The taller one's parents are, greater are the chances for the child to grow even taller. This is true for almost 90% of the cases, however some cases do differ. In some cases, the child of taller parents may be comparatively shorter and on the other hand, a child of shorter parents may be comparitively taller. This is due to the fact that humans derive genes not only from their parents, but also from their grandparents. So, it can be said that height basically depends on genetic factors. 

It is also seen that Boys are influenced by their mother's height, whereas girls are influenced by their father's height. To put it simple, girls born to tall men tend to be tall whereas boys born to tall mothers tend to be tall. 

Important Exercise Tips: 

1)Try to reach up and grab a bar or other solid support that is high enough to allow you to hang freely without touching the floor. Hold this position for a minimum of 20 seconds and repeat at least three times. 

2) Do forward bending exercise. Begin by standing with your feet side apart and both hands over your head. Grab one hand with the other and bend forward until both hands touch the floor. it is  recommended  that you perform 10 repetitions of this exercise. It will be easier for you to touch the floor if your feet are as far apart as possible, but you will find this exercise becomes more beneficial if you incrementally decrease the distance between your feet as you practice the exercise. 

3) Lying face-down on the floor with your palms pressing into the floor at shoulder height, lift your eyes toward the ceiling while simultaneously extending your arms to arch your back as much as possible. Hold this position for up to 30 seconds, and then lower your body back to the starting position. Repeat as per your ease. 

Note: (If any of the above exercise brings any body pain or some health problem, avoid it ). 

Important Diet Tips which will help in enhancing growth: 

1) The most essential mineral is calcium, so milk products, green vegetables, nuts are good sources. 

2) Replace carbohydrates with complete proteins like fish, egg, milk and legumes. These contain the best distribution of amino acids designed for growth hormones. 

3) Eat vitamin rich food like vegetables, fruits, almonds, peanuts and mineral rich food such as seafood, milk and dairy products.
4) There are some foods that act as calcium inhibitors and will have adverse effects on your growth. They are carbonated drinks, excessive salt, fat, sugar and coffee. Illegal drugs and excessive smoking will also stunt your growth and should be shunned during adolescence and even later. 

5) Citrus fruits, berries, potatoes and tomatoes are rich in vitamin C that helps in the healthy growth of bones and contributes to the height of a person. 

6) Foods like collards, spinach, turnips, and soy products are good sources of mineral. Increase the consumption of foods rich in 
zinc. Foods that are rich in zinc include eggs, pumpkin seeds, dried watermelon seeds, peanuts etc. Foods rich in iodine include fish, meat, green peas, tomatoes, and cereals. 

  • Don’t give any readily available formulas or medicine (this will restrict the child’s natural growth).
  • Stop comparing your child with other children,  this brings unnecessary pressure on child’s health, and creates unwanted complication.
  • Being a parent just keep your expectation low and let the child enjoy  life.
  • Keep yourself and child happy. 

Continue  3 Homoeopathic medicines for 6 month and after that discontinue the medicines. 
Your  child's height starts increasing after 3 months and gradually increases day by day naturally at normal range.

1. Baryta Carb 30 thrice in a day
2. Silicea 12x 4 tab thrice in a day
3. And symphytum Q 5 drops twice in a day for 6 month 

Dr. D. Sharma

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